See what our boat owners are saying about us. We take pride in giving our owners a personable and professional service before and most importantly, after they have taken delivery of their new AFRICAT.

* Please note that Africat Marine welcome future interested buyers to make contact with all or any one of our owners for a reference.


“I have owned a variety of boats over the past 25 years and have had the pleasure (and sometimes misfortune) of skippering or crewing on numerous others. Of all the boats, none have come close to an Afri-cat. I bought National Spirit, an Africat 420, a few years ago and chartered it off the coast of Durban, South Africa. During this time, we encountered almost every weather and sea condition in some of the most inhospitable waters off the east coast of Africa. The boat took it all in its stride. We then crossed from Durban to Seychelles last year (November 2008) and encountered some fairly rough conditions off the northern tip of Madagascar with gale force winds in a fairly steep sea coming broad side. The boat handled it perfectly. Never once did I doubt its ability to handle the conditions. National Spirit is undoubtedly one of the safest, solid and most rugged boats I have ever had the pleasure of owning.”

- Rick Jordan


“Sue and I bought a 420 last year. It is our pride and joy and really going well after Jeff and the friendly team from Africat sorted out the expected small teething problems after the long but successful journey from Durban to Mahe in Seychelles. The after sales service in Seychelles has been excellent.

We are working the boat as a dive charter boat and it is performing very well. Wish we can be on it all the time!

Well done Jeff and team!”

- Clive and Sue


“We are delighted to report that our new AFRICAT is even better than we might have anticipated!

Our little and indeed some not so little modifications have not just been carried out but executed with thought and care, so much so that some are even better than we could have hoped. The AFRICAT team have taken many of our ideas and improved on them so we get a better product.

Barbara’s selected leather color coupled with her choice of wood and corian has made the saloon and galley area just about as good as it gets.

In spite of spending the whole day on the boat yesterday, the list of items to be looked at is minuscule and far and away less that anything I have previously experienced on many new boats in the past.

The Africat team have done one hell of a job.”

- Alec and Barbara

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